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Every sentient beings (excluding virgins) and vegetations on planet Earth experience the essence of sex in some sort of manner; pollinations, penetrations, and etc.. The dominant factor that drives this baser instinct is for reproduction purposes, to procreate life and sustain the continuity of its species in the long run. Certainly, some of us do not abide the general consensus of executing sexual activities for the sole purpose of reproduction, but of mere pleasure. Aside from that, there are certain benevolent benefits that bestow upon those who happen to galvanize their genitals.

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Merry Christmas, Netizens. We’ve waited for this very moment annually, December 25th; to celebrate an iconic figure of all times ▬Aside from Jesus▬, Santa Claus. Christmas is the time for conglomeration of friends and families, having delightful meals and presents from Santa himself. Ever wonder who place those presents under the Christmas tree? Well, the answer has already been avail and obvious at this point.

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Why Do We Yawn?

Warning – Dangerous knowledge lies ahead.

~Viewers discretion is advised~

Cat YawningImage by RetailRehab

“Why Do We Yawn” is one of the controversial question nowadays. We all did it involuntarily but why? There are an array of radical notions for this particular occurrence of such had shed light upon this very question that was once shrouded in mystery and intricacy, myriads of maverick researches claim from different view points and explanations, which makes the answer itself quite specious.

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It has been quite awhile now, since the unforeseen eclipse of my post on this very blog. From whence I’ve returned, I can’t help but to noticed something about the netizen’s curiosity of a certain niche that happens to be within the category of “Sexual”. And so, I’ve decided to post a topic that cogitates about a single action that perhaps most of us did, as stress-reliever, pleasure and so forth. That is, masturbation.

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Halo: Book Series

Image by Zardom002

Putative that most of you happen to heard of Halo before. The existence of book series is rather imminent, due to the fact that there’s quite a scintillating gap in between of the storyline itself. In particular, after Spartan-117 or widely known as “Master Chief” landed on “Installation 04” or Alpha Halo, a left behind technology by the enigmatic Forerunner ( An ancient yet technologically-advanced species that happened to gone extinct due to unknown reason ), it was one of a series of ginormous ring worlds (the Halo Array from which the series gets the name). The Covenant (Alien – The main antagonists of the Halo Universe ) reverentially described Installation 04 as either the First Holy Ring, or the First Sacred Ring. It is the main setting of Halo: Combat Evolved, the first game in the Trilogy.

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What’s the most resilient parasite? A bacteria or a virus? It’s an Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules. Which is why I have to steal it. Quoted by Cobb. Inception is an excellent movie, why? Because it will inspire you the idea of what dreams is, in terms of comprehensions and perspectives, it redefines logic and the definition of dreams itself. So too it had inspired me.

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Water: Not As It Seems

Image by UltraFeel

Water or H20, it’s a universal solvent that covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, and it is vital for all known forms of life. Imagine that a water droplet rain upon a water surface, then it disappears into the water surface itself, clearly that we can’t seem to see what had actually happened. But if you slow it down, say 2000 fps then perhaps it might shed light upon your perspective on the understanding of the nature of water. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

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