Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Image by JCM-Amorim

In this Deus Ex, the storyline slightly change a bit. That is the protagonists and the whole meaning of the plot itself. The game take place in the year of 2027, 25 years before the Dues Ex and it is another age of renaissance where technological advancement grows into a new height of perspectives. It’s developed by Eidos Montreal in co-production with Square Enix.

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Image by GateToNowhere

In the year of 2329, what kind of technological advancement would evolve to? Perhaps the answer lies within the imagination of the human minds; homo sapiens, however, is the only species that possess the curiosity and  the alacrity to fully comprehend a certain knowledge to invent or develop a type of technology that would probably made life easier for solely themselves.

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Image by TemptingMagazine

This “Sixth Sense” technology is one of the kind invention that made life easier, but how? Well, just by projecting a certain image that you desired onto any surface that you could think of, while in that state, you could manage your data in which you had gathered throughout the period of usage.So it seems that the future of computation and manipulation is drawing near, the question is: Is it really that promising?

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Image by SirKazeloth

Nowadays, creationist are strenuously toil to convince & cultivate thousands or even millions of individual to creationism; a religious belief that stated God is the one who created this world within 6 days in his own image of choice. Are those creationist brainwashing the Average Joe with alacrity?

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~Spoilers Alerted~

Image by GordonAndTheWhale

I watched it yesterday and it’s seemly replete of tangible moments. But there’s something in this movie that is tentative; It’s missing an integral elements that is ineffable to be said but overall i’ll give it a 7.5/10. Rest your mind young lad and lass, the movie has a breathtaking and jaw-dropping scenes that perhaps you would not abhor.

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-Dangerous Knowledge Lies Ahead-

Image by LadyAmdis

Ever wonder how to surcease the flow of time and abide immortality? Mark Roth thinks that he could achieve the impossible in his own terms.

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Image by PlaystationFuture

Suppose that plethora of you had witness the pc version of Assassin’s Creed 2 firsthand, it’s putative that you may find an atrocity is lurking around the game, and what’s that? We’ll see soon enough.

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